TOP 5 Valentine's Contest Entries

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for participating.
All of you did great job but we had to pick 5 entries only!

We will forward the TOP 5 letters to CipSoft & fansite boards 
and they will pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

We assessed creativity, originality, writing skill (prose and poetry) and interesting ideas.

These are the TOP 5 works:

Kriiz Weeping

To My Purr:

Ohh My Dear Purr Valentine
I was far away when the day arrived,
Not being by your side felt like a crime,
But as some tibians love, this time we had to be apart.

Let me tell you the story, i hope you understand my love,
There’s no distance in this territory that could ever made my feelings turn off.

It was almost midnight, i was going home,
Walking through the jungle of Port Hope,
I found some creatures from banuta in a bizarre situation,
They were completely scared and running with no direction.

I went to see the chaos where they ran away,
I saw corpses on the ground i’m afraid,
All discovered there was impressive,
Scary giant footprints and Terrified Elephants acting agressive.

It looks like the Ape God was rambling on the jungle,
I’ve never heard that sound of footsteps rumble,
I had to roar very loudly asking for somebody to come,
And suddenly a druid appeared, i still dont know where he came from.

In a mysterious way he calmed down the elephants,
I don’t know if it was a spell but that’s irrelevant.
With my roar we guide them to another part of this paradise,
Now the jungle is quiet but my valentine’s was the sacrifice.

I’m sorry My Purr Love for being miles away,
I wanted to be with you on this special day.
I know that our blue hearts will never turn gray,
Cuz i love you through the distance in every single way.

Oh my my, i won’t resign
I’ll be with you till the stars doesn’t shine,
I love you my beloved panther to the moon and back,
Ohh Purry... You will always be my VALENTINE.


To my lovely Nature

Roses are red, violets are blue
I remember about you, of course I do
I'm sorry I couldn't reach out to you
I've been trying to save you - I still am, my boo

My lovely nature, the love of Port Hope
Valentine's has passed, oh yes, I know
I'm sure you don't mind, you know better babe,
that I love you so much every other day

I've heard the stories of the very bad air,
But honey boo, really, I still love your smell
They said the snow in Svargrond is about to melt,
Darling, you're getting hotter and hotter each day

I've been fighting these humans, so selfish out there,
We'll get over it soon, I promise, I swear
and I know our relationship's a bit bizzare
but it'll never change the way that I care!

All yours,

Jumping Cripple


I know how disapointed and sad you must feel because I left you alone on the Valentine's day.

The argument we had a day before made me think a lot. You were right. I am afraid of commiting to you. My nature is wild and I am used to being alone. I wander through Port Hope on my own and there is a reason why I get a little bit invisible at times... I was going to tell you that I don't want to hurt you any longer and I have to let you go. I didn't want to do that on Valentine's day, though.

On february 15th I woke up in my den and I heard very bizzare sounds. It was the giant spiders. Their legs make funny sounds and they're very noisy neighbours. It was Mamma Longlegs fighting with my neighbour, Mr Webster. She said she had to leave him due to the distance between them and then he said something that will remain on my mind forever. He said:

'Our relationship isn't typical. That's truth. There is long distance between us and I don't get to see you as often as I want. But I know one thing. I'd rather be yours from afar, rather than staying in arms of anybody else'

I realised it was about us, too. I am sorry for wanting to leave you. Our love is special. It isn't condemned. It is just different and it doesn't make our relatonship any less than the others. The more rarely I get to see you, The more passionately I will hold you when I get to see you.

Yours Xena

Braff Herza

Dear Port Hope
I am horribly sorry for forgetting about you on Valentines
My problem has always been the deadlines
When I think of forgetting about you, my heart whines

My feelings for you are truly bizarre
Nobody is as special to me as you are

In this very special day, I should have been with you
Without you, my day was very blue
Instead in Port Hope, I was in Kazoo
What was the reason? Well… there are a few

I was invited to a tavern party,
Later on, I visited Kruzak, that dwarf smarty…
Did I have fun? Oh well my love, hardly

Not a second passed by without me thinking about my home town,
Minute by minute, for me, it was a count down

On the way back, I meet a friendly Hyena
She told me to write an apology letter to you,
Your loving, Xena


Dear Kikix,
You might not believe me, but I really wanted to reach out to you on Valentines. You were not around though, what could I do? I tried to contact Captain Bluebear, asking him if he had seen you, but he was too busy shipping the people. Charles? This guy is barely a Captain, I do not trust his services. He does not deserve to be Port Hope’s sailor…
So the Valentines day for me was really boring, I was just wandering through the cities, trying to get any information about where you are at. When it was coming to midnight, I decided to give up, and instead, I was just making plans on how to make up to you that I couldn’t be with you. So this is what came to my mind

1. In case you forgot what I look like, I decided to draw a picture of me just for you. I am not the best painter though, the picture is bizarre but well, it’s hard to be a good painter when you have no thumbs after all...

2. The other way to make up was a poem, it might be simple, but I tried my best

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I am here confessing my love to you

3) I also wrote a song for you, it goes like this:

Kikix, do you love me?
Are you grinding?
Say you’ll never ever leave from beside
Cause I want ya, and I need ya
And I’m down for hunt alwaaays

I will sum it up by saying I’m sorry, I hope you are not mad and we will spend the next Valentines together, like we usually did!

Yours faithfully,

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  1. lool, you chose it by picking randomly or what?
    such a bs

  2. Wow... So many beautiful stories or poems yet you're forwarding bs like 'roses are red' or simple 'sorry for forgetting about valentine's day love you'. I'm sincerely disappointed.

  3. Nothing interesting, nothing funny. There is no sight of creativity, originality, writing skill you have mentioned.
    Sorry to say that, but it looks like these were chosen either by a kid or someone with low IQ. There were at least 10 better entries to choose from.

  4. Keep in mind that the last 11 works were posted after the deadline, so we did not take them into consideration.