Real Queens fix each other's crowns

Being a woman in a men-dominated community is extremely difficult for various reasons. 
“Nice rares, who gave you?”; “Are you really a girl? prove”; “do you have a boyfriend?”; “You play good, I mean… as for a girl” These are only some of the examples of the phrases that are addressed towards girls on a daily basis. Moreover, the girls in the game are often expected to fight between themselves in order to become the best. Does it really need to be this way, though? Having said that, we are happy to announce a new series of articles focusing on the female community in the game

In this article, we asked a few questions to the girls who devoted some of their free time for the cause of uniting the girls in Tibia!
Let us begin by explaining the importance of the girls’ union in the gaming community. We asked one of the creators of the biggest girl-concerned Tibia fan page, Tibia Girls, about her opinion on the matter. Andreina, who plays character Ryocrits on the server Solidera answered the question in the following way:

Ryocrits: I think we already deal with so much rejection and misogyny from men. In general, we are under-appreciated and taken for granted, it is sooooo much more difficult to earn respect and demonstrate what we’re capable of, it is way more hard for us to prove how good we are or the abilities we have, then you also gotta explain why you have these abilities cause you’re supposed to be weak, and vulnerable and ask for help, we already have all these things to go through then having to deal with other females that goes through the same but still teams up to make you miserable is just way too much, it’s important to be united cause who can understand us better than ourselves? We’re diminishing our value as a woman as we support other men, who probably will do it to ourselves to put someone down. Respecting and appreciating and valuing other girls translate into respecting and valuing ourselves.

The second question we asked Andreina concerned the idea behind creating Tibia Girls, to which she responded:

Ryocrits: I’ve addressed this question before and I always gotta say that even though I didn’t create TG my main goal once I got to be the “owner” of the name Is trying to drive the community through acceptation, celebrating and demonstrating girls are not better or worst than any other gender, just equal, by creating a safe environment where you can freely choose to share your achievements, your personal life, and your gaming experience and how these two collide to tackle down the stereotypes. To help people, to make people happy and to be trendsetters in many other fansites focus ideas!

We cannot forget about the streamer girls and their freshly created community. We asked the founder of @streamerstibianas (IG), Elisabete, who plays the character Li zy on the server Lutabra, what was her idea behind uniting the girls that streamed Tibia, to which she responded in the following way:
Li zy: 
First, we’ve seen that on the streaming platforms, Tibia is the game which has little audience compared to other games. So as we noticed that, we figured that there are a lot of Tibian women streaming, but they are not as well-known, not only because of the-somewhat-little number of viewers but also because the Tibia viewers usually choose to watch the male streamers rather than the females. We see many Tibia streamers trending on Twitch, but they are usually men. So our idea was to make our Tibia-streaming girls better known and united not only to get stronger but also to help each other.

As Elisabete is not only the creator of the community but also an experienced streamer herself, we decided to ask her if she would be kind enough to share some streaming tips for the girls that want to start broadcasting Tibia, which she gladly did!

Li zy: If she’s really determined to start streaming Tibia, she needs to be aware that she will face several challenges ahead, but her desire to stream needs to be greater than all of them.
She will need to spend a few hours of her day to do this, stand firm in days and
fixed times for her audience to get used to her schedule and know when to expect her stream. 
What is also important is to focus on what she really wants to show, be it PvP, hunts tips, quests, so basically if you wanna start streaming you need to create content for your audience. 
Another important aspect of streaming as a woman is knowing how to separate constructive opinions from non-constructive criticisms because the public's opinion is what will be very important to the direction of your stream, but not every opinion will be worthly.
What is more, she needs to prepare that because she is a woman, she will face many prejudices, but that is what we are used to facing in our day-to-day lives, isn't it? But platforms give us the tools to stop these types of behaviors, as well as to stop the disrespect and so on, so it’s necessary to separate trusted people in your stream, people that will be helping you to make a nice transmission without disturbance.
Most importantly, persistence is the key, just because today you don’t have a lot of viewers doesn’t mean that it will stay like this forever! Persist and make a fixed schedule. This way, as time goes by, your channel will grow and you will reach more and more audiences every day.
And finally, have fun with your broadcast, always be in a good mood, a smile on your face, sharing positive energy with your audience will attract more people to your channel.

We would want to thank Andreina and Lizy for taking the time to answer the questions and also appreciate the effort that they and their friends from the staff put in attempting to create a nice place for all the girls from Tibia.

What is your opinion on the matter? We would love to hear from you! <3
Make sure you check out the two mentioned pages if you haven’t yet!

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