10 Ways to spend Valentine's day in Tibia

1. Organize a mini-quest for your loved one!

Giving Valentine's gifts can be simple or.. not so simple! Make them walk! Buy 10 backpacks with 10 letters and hide them all around Tibia. Make your partner search for them using the hints given in the letters!

2. Do the final step

You've been spending a lot of time in Tibia but never met yet? Valentine's day is a perfect moment for you to make that move. Suggest a real-life meeting and see what they say! Perhaps that will be the start of something beautiful for the both of you!

3. Give them their dream item

This goes to both genders! Give your partner an item they have been dreaming of for ages and still can't afford it! Make them achieve their tibia goal quicker by helping them pay it! There is nothing wrong with giving your loved ones expensive tibia presents as long as it works both ways! We shall always exchange gifts of similar value!

4. Decorate a big space in Tibia with valentine's items! 

Create a big heart and tell your partner to exiva you! How about putting a gift for them under one of the stacks and telling them to search for it? Sounds fun to me!

5. Visit Valentina!

Don't forget the annual ritual of visiting Valentina in Greenshore! Buy a bunch of red roses and a heart backpack! Those can be sweet Valentine's gifts, too! They may not be the most desired ones but they certainly show love and that you remembered about them! Send a single red rose to at least 5 of your friends to make them smile while opening their inbox!

6. Get married! 

If you've wanted to marry your Tibian crush for a while now but they keep refusing, try it on Valentine's day! Because who wouldn't like to have February the 14th date on their wedding rings?! And, if you're already married... divorce and get married again! Such Valentines' wedding rings will be a great decoration in your house!

7. Take part in Tibian Valentine's contests!

There plenty of Tibia Coins lotteries being organized on Tibian Instagram among the streamers, content creators, and tibia fansites. That is always some chance to get some free tibia coins. Or, you can take part in creative contests organized by the official Tibia Fansites such as the contest of Tibia Gallery to decorate a heart!

8. Redecorate your house

Change the decoration in your house for that special day. What about an RPG romantic dinner at a table? Red tapestries, heart pillows and candles? You could also spice it up by creating a special play room! 

9. Make Thais Depot beautiful

Decorate the entire Thai depot with heart pillows and make everyone get into the Valentine's day spirit!  Put red tapestries on each wall and give away red roses to random people!

10. Go for a solo hunt

Not in Valentine's day mood? No problem! Not everyone has to like it! Grab your gear and head for a solo hunt accompanied by 'All By Myself' by Celine Dion or 'Lonely' by Akon! Just kidding. Or, am I?

Happy Valentine's day panthers!

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  1. Thank you for this article! I will definitely use some of your ideas.. ;) Happy Valentine's Day!