Christmas time in Tibia

1. Santa's visit!

Have you been good this year? Every Christmas we are full of hopes to obtain something beautiful from Santa. If you dream about items such as a ball gown, bunny slippers or a bear doll, perhaps you should already level up new characters because each of them is one more chance to obtain those beautiful items! If you played Tibia for many years I am sure that you associate Christmas with this overwhelming feeling of hope of getting a cute item from Santa, every time you visit him with a new character. Unfortunately, I am sure that most of us will probably end up with a bunch of oranges and candy in our backpacks! The dropped candy shall not get wasted, though! The decorators make sure to pick all of them from the floor!

"There was a time years ago, the server was Zanera or Venera and I made about 40 - 50 level eights for Santa and received a bear doll during its release in a patch. I gifted it to the cousin of my close tibia friend at the time because she loves to collect every teddy bear and fill all the Edron circle square houses with them so I thought it would fit right in" - Fake Addled

"I spend my Christmas in tibia logging every char I have trying to get a ball down from Santa because I’m obsessed with it" - Geek Gisa"

2. Christmas house decorations!

Those of you who enjoy decorating their houses certainly get more excited than ever at a thought of a shiny and new house decoration. A Christmas tree, snowman, chimney, Christmas garlands... those are just a few of Christmas theme items that we get to decorate with during Christmas time. Every year with the start of December we count the days until the update which will finally enable us to buy them! But, if you cannot wait, do not despair! CipSoft has implemented plenty of festive store items that you can buy at any time of the year!

"I like decorating my house with Christmas Deco with gifts to my close friends around the tree" - Dyaniixz

"I love to do some deco in my friend’s houses and if we can, sometimes we do Kris Kringle (aka Secret Santa) where we pick a random name and give that person a gift on Christmas! It’s so much fun!" - Ely Blademaster

3. Giving presents!

The best part of Christmas is giving presents to your beloved ones, whether it's in real life, or in Tibia. Even if they aren't expensive, I am sure each of us loved receiving cards, letters or goblets from their friends with some kind words and wishes. Such items, signed by your friends with a date become the best souvenirs of sentimental value and we love coming back to read them several years later!

"During Christmas, I'm not online that much, actually, but Ervy and I always do some gifts for each other or some letters or poems, and hide them in each other's houses with some letters with tips where to find the next tip or the next gift!" - Kimmiey

"I like making handmade things for people like actually baking the gingerbreadmen, making rum from scratch including burning and cutting the sugarcane. It's like a meditative activity! But the thought is that instead of giving my friends expensive presents I give them a present that has taken time and effort and then I spend the time thinking up a nice little text to write in a Christmas card!" - Monzcarro Murcatto

"For this Christmas, I made present boxes with the newest Raccoon Santa... The excitement won this time so I already gave 2! And I'm going to decorate my house, never done it before, so I think will be fun!" - Eveh

"For Christmas in Tibia I enjoy sending small gifts and holiday letters to friends. Its important to me to also include in-game friends during Christmas." - Elee Bae

"I love to make gift bags for my friends in tibia and writing a letter to thank them to be part of my tibia life!" - Miss Potato

4. Lotteries on Instagram!

Christmas is a perfect occasion for the resellers, fansites, streamers, or simply Tibian public figures to gift their followers big numbers of tibia coins in their Christmas lotteries. We all benefit from that and considering the fact that the Tibian Instagram has become extremely big, there are tones of ongoing lotteries so the chance to win during this period of time is a lot bigger than usual! Do you still not have aTibian Instagram?! It's high time to create it!

5. Fansites contests!

Christmas is also a very special time of the year in Tibia due to the higher activity of the fansites. A lot of them organize contests connected with Christmas, whether it's writing, craft, or in-game activity! If you feel like waking up your inner child, head to the fansites and I am sure you will find a way to play like you are 10 years old again! If you have children, crafting together is also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with them! Let alone the beautiful items as rewards, if you manage to win a place! An example of an ongoing Christmas fansite contest is here!

6. Double exp/skill event!

If you are not a family person and you love spending time with a cup of hot chocolate in front of your PC completely alone, which is completely fine, you probably love Christmas for the double exp/skill events that last up to one week! CipSoft makes sure to gift us with some additional experience points each year so brace yourself and gather your training gear! New advancements are coming!

And you? What do you do in Tibia during Christmas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Awn, amazing post! I love to see how people dedicate their time to do a nice deco! Good job :)