Friendship Day Decoration Contest


Dear Tibians!
We celebrate international friendship day on July 30th. Take a trip around Tibia together with your Tibian Best friend and show us how you celebrate the holiday together!

The contest takes place on Instagram. The likes will verify the top 5, out of which Cipsoft and other fansites' admins are going to choose the 3 winners. 
Each attempt to cheat the likes system, i.e. buying likes, will disqualify your work.

1. Decorate a Tibian spot (not a house!)
2. You can only use items that you can purchase from the NPCs.
3. You must choose ONE friend to be on the screenshot with you.
4. You cannot use objects that cannot be put in a backpack (i.e. the leaves, areca palm, etc.)
5. The screenshot cannot be edited.
6. The post must contain wishes to your friend OR an explanation of what friendship means to you (in English or Spanish). 
7. Your Instagram needs to be public.
8. You need to tag @tibiamagazine on the post and the photo.
9. You need to send your submission till the server save of 20th July. Gathering the likes will end on the 26th of July.
10. Only the likes on the Tibia Magazine' Instagram are taken into consideration. 

1st place - Golden Trophy of Excellence  + Nightmare Doll + 250 non-transferable Tibia Coins

2nd place - Silver Trophy of Excellence  + Blue Sphere 

3rd place - Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Bear Doll

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2 Comentarios

  1. I think that gathering likes is a terrible way of selecting pictures. It will be basically a popularity contest rather than a decoration contest. I was considering to join it but after I saw this aspect in the rules... By the way, what happens if the most liked images are clearly inferior to others?

    1. well yes you could say that, but have you seen the submissions? they are basically all the same...