The Achievement Huntresses

At some point in the game, certain players get bored with just leveling and training their characters, what’s there more to do? The answer is… Achievements! So, why exactly do players like to collect those? What do they give us? We will elaborate on this topic in this article, together with our fellow players!

Let’s begin by briefly stating what achievements even are. They are a kind of a prize for doing something outstanding in the game, something that perhaps you would not do if it was not rewarded. As for today, there are 486 achievements to unlock, out of which 4 are still unknown. Achievements do not provide you with any additional benefit in the game; however, they do add a nice touch of competition, and also motivate you to spend some extra hours in Tibia (providing that you are interested in collecting them). Despite the fact that achievements do not boost your character, most of the players at some point decide to bake cakes, cookies or use firework rockets in the backpack just in order to see the “Congratulations” text.

Why do players find achievements interesting? We asked Cressy zafir (Wintera) to tell us why she finds getting achievements entertaining, to which she responded in the following way:
Cressy zafir: I find achievements interesting because I see it as an approach to getting to know Tibia and learning about it. Every achievement requires something else from you. To get one you need to tame a mount, whereas to get another achievement, you need to complete some outfit or explore the map. For me, it is extremely interesting that every time you get an achievement, you are going to learn something new about Tibia, which you probably wouldn’t even be able to learn while doing quests.

What makes people want to start collecting achievements then? To answer this question, we decided to ask two girls for their little stories about their first steps in the world of collecting achievements! Have a look at what kind of stories Alesita Sio (Solidera) and Thurianx (Noctera) shared with us.
Alesita Sio: Ok, to be honest, I never really paid too much attention to the achievements, I was rather a war person! I only entered tibia to fight, but it changed like a year ago when one of my former guildmates asked me to start doing achievements together.
Thurianx: I started doing achievements because I really like doing quests, and especially when someone tells me that they are very difficult for me because I’m low level. It’s like a challenge for me!

Moving on, like always, we wanted to know about the players’ preferences, therefore this little section of the article will be focused on that matter. 
Let’s start with the achievements the girls are the most proud of. Interestingly, both of the ladies, Loreni (Talera) and Ewrr (Wintera) listed achievements obtained by completing an outfit or a mount as the one they are the proudest of! 
Loreni: The achievement I’m the most proud of is when I obtained all the pieces for the rune of the “rhino rider” mount. I looted them all by myself and mounted the rhino on my 4th try.

Ewrr: I think the two achievements I am the proudest of are the ones for making full Elementalist outfit and the one for Ferumbras hat because they were one of the expensive ones. Right now it is a little bit easier to get money in the game, but back in the times when I got the outfits, to profit, you had to hunt Draken Walls a lot because spawns such as Grounds of Despair or Catacombs did not exist.

Our next concern are the achievements that are the most desired by the players, but they are yet to obtain them! We asked Jeni Ryther (Lutabra) and Bijou Kidi (Antica) to tell us which are the achievements that they try to get now. We are also crossing fingers for you girls, hoping that you will get your most desired achievements as soon as possible!
Jeni Ryther: “Forbidden Fruit”, you can get it by eating the forbidden fruit, but it is so hard for me to get it, as it is a rare drop and I can also never find it on market to buy it.

Bijou Kidi: Achievement that I really would like to have is “Devovorga’s Nemesis”. I’m trying to get it every year for a few years. I wasn’t lucky yet, but I’m not giving up. What I like about that achievement is that it’s based on luck and participation. You can’t buy it. On the world that I’m playing, Antica, it’s really hard to get due to the amount of players who appear to kill Devovoraga. But who knows, maybe this year I will be successful?

There are a lot of achievements which are extremely difficult to obtain and sometimes the points that we receive might seem not to be satisfying enough. Ely Blademaster (Quintera) and Piegulec (Harmonia) told us which achievements, in their opinions, deserve more points than what they currently give!
Ely Blademaster: I think that the achievement for Exalted Battle Mage. The boss isn’t done as much because not all levels can enter to kill it successfully which means the teams that do loot it end up can set whatever price for it causing it to be insane costing right now. You only end up getting 2 points for completing it fully which is very unfair in my opinion.
Biodegradeable and Gold Hunter are also 2 achievements where you only get 1-2 points, but if nobody else helps you out and you’re on your own. It’s so difficult. The mini world change is rare as it is, leave alone trying to find the boss alive so you have a chance to return the bag of gold, or putting 800 corpses into the water takes a couple hours whereas the world change doesn’t always last that long depending how many people fish. I feel like these are a lot of effort put into it which is rare and difficult which should be worth some more points.
Piegulec: Okay so, in my opinion, the achievements that do not give enough points are the following: “Honest Finder” and “Gold Hunter”-the mini world change is too rare, I think they deserve way more points than.
Battle mage outfit & addon quests - too expensive/difficult to get the items just for 2 points
Slayer of phrodomo - The boss is harder to kill than the rest of bosses from the event, and yet they all give the same amount of points. 
Task manager - takes 6 months of doing tasks every day to complete and gives only 2 points
Nanny from hell-takes 5 years :’(
Firewalker & Deep sea diver - You need to walk 1 million sqm on fire or underwater and it gives only 4 points, I am 750 and I still haven’t got the achievement.
Waverider-100k sqm to swim. Took me over 8h, and it only gives 2 points

We also wanted to know if the girls are aiming at some specific number when it comes to the achievements points, like 100, 500, 666, or any other lucky number that they have. Sapithax (Talera) and Keeweh (Impera) responded to the question by saying:
Sapithax: Noo for me there is no special number of achievement points that I would like to have. I just like to obtain them because they help me de-stress from war and such stuff.

Keeweh: Honestly speaking, I am a little bit intense when I do something I am dedicated to, so I would like to have EVERY ACHIEVEMENT, but I do not think I will achieve it since I stopped getting achievements because it reached the point where the majority of the achies that I lack involve spending a lot of money on expensive mounts, or those from the new quests and I have no team to complete the quests, etc. So at the moment, my role as an achievements hunter is on a pause, but one day I will surely return to get those that I am missing.

As the topic that the achievements tend to be expensive has been raised, we also got a little curious about what is more important while collecting achievements, money, or determination? It is also crucial to mention here, that Keeweh, as for today, has an impressive amount of 1143 achievements points; therefore, the answer is probably somewhere in between. We asked Elaria (Epoca) to present her point of view.
Elaria: I think determination is more important. Some quests take soo much time, or for example, when you’re trying to get spikes or insectoid outfit, it takes a lot of determination 😂 And I think if you want to get achievements fast, then it can get expensive, but if you’re willing to be patient and spent a lot of time on it, it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Aurea Atti (Harmonia), who herself has accumulated nearly 1100 achievement points agrees with Elaria’s statement by saying:
Aurea Atti: Some achievements need money if you want them faster, but determination is the only attribute required, also a few levels too. Some achievements are expensive like some addon full, but if you have some luck, you can loot the items.

Last but not least, let’s see what the girls pay attention to while assigning achievements to their character on! Is it the rarity, the cool name of the achievement, or maybe they do not pay attention to it at all? Our girls Queen Sunwing (Monza) and Jazmen (Wintera) provided us with the answers.
Queen Sunwing: HAHAHA actually I do pay attention to it! I often login and double-check. I mostly pay attention to the rarity because I am that kind of person that likes to have things other people maybe wouldn’t have or even do so let’s say, for an example - I often assigning either the achievements with the text ”Secret” because I think they are somewhat mysterious but also the ones who have the most stars. I have always done this, ever since I started to play Tibia, and when I noticed how obsessed you can get or be with not only achievements but also outfits and mounts! I always need to perfect everything. Every little corner needs to be perfected, otherwise, I feel like a failure but that is also due to my diagnosed OCD. So achievements for me, it’s not only achievements - it’s more than that - it’s a perfection for me. Something I have put energy, Blood, and tears for. So when I overcome an achievement, and special the more rares one I can assign to my page - I feel happy and I also feel a pleasure that I finally made it, no matter how easy or difficult it was or is :)
Jazmen: Actually, I only pay attention to the points that they give, I also see the possibility of how to make them. I have my program to make them, calendar and sheet where I write down comments about each one that I need.

Not to move away too far from the topic of achievements, we also got interested about players approach to the Character Titles, which have been introduced during Summer Update in 2019. Both, Oleevia (Relania) and Alexah Black (Impera) are interested in collecting achievements but are they equally as interested in collecting the titles? Take a look at what the girls had to say in this matter!
Oleevia: At the moment I am not really interested in it because I had a Tibia break for a few years and still try to catch up the other stuff first. I am not really informed about the titles atm, but I am sure I will go for it sooner or later.

Alexah Black: Not too much, because they are not permanent, for example, the title for having 365 days rewards streak… You lose it after you miss one day of the rewards :( or the one about having a certain amount of money in the bank, you lose it too. For now, the only one I am really interested in is to know whether there will be a new title for 1000 days streak, other than this one, I am not interested in them too much for now. (We now know that there is no title for achieving this number of daily rewards streak)

Coming back to the topic of achievements, we wanted to hear the ideas that the girls have concerning achievements. What are the things that should give an achievement, but does not? And what are the things that they would never do normally, but did because there was achievement for it? Take a look at the answers of Feita Lais (Garnera) and Elee Bae (Wintera).
Feita Lais: I think there should be achievements for leveling up! Like for the milestones, achievement on level 100... 200… 300 etc.
And something I would never do if it didn’t give achievement would be killing monsters to complete bestiary.
Elee Bae: If I could create an achievement that does not currently exist, it would be an achievement for successfully summoning each creature 500 times that can be summoned. Such achievement would be fun and challenging to try to fullfill. It would be an easy achievement for lower levels to obtain. It would not be easily obtainable for knight and paladin vocations that can only summon Skullfrost and Emberwing. However, knight and paladin players could use Animate Dead runes on corpses to summon skeletons and Convince Creature runes on convincable creatures. Not to mention such achievement could help in boosting magic level skill for mages. Considering Animate Dead and Convince Creature runes require usage of mana to use them, just as using paralyze runes or summon creature spell, this achievement could be a game changer for lower level knights and paladins to increase magic skill faster. I suppose the achievement would be different for mages verses knights and paladins. It could be limited to character vocation. Ex: Mages would need to summon each creature possible many times. Knights and paladins would be limited to summoning skeletons with Animate Dead runes and only creatures that can be convinced. Considering there is a limit of only 2 summoned creatures at one given time, it would be fun to race obtaining the achievement with friends throughout Tibia.
An achievement that took me a long time to obtain is the Bluebarian achievement. I don't typically use blueberry bushes as I am wandering through areas where they are found. Once I finally got the achievement, I was very relieved to not need to use the bushes anymore.

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