Divine Decorations #1: Spectacular House Decoration: How do they do it?

Any house decoration fans on board? We have asked several known decorators about their decoration experience and they honoured us with surprisingly vast responses! We must say this article will be a great source of knowledge for all the decoration freaks out there!

Get yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy the great advices from Suzy Kill, Divine'Angel, Monzcarro Murcatto, Norelli and Dimentia on Solidera!

Suzy Kill:
Q: How would you describe your decoration style? Where do you get your ideas from?
A: I always try to make different decorations that catch the eye.
I like to separate items by color order, make gradients, monsters, height, depth, mix cheap items with expensive items, have a “perfeccionist style” , like items to fit and make sense.
My inspiration comes from everything. Anything can inspire me. Sometimes I am inspired by some color. Sometimes for some item and sometimes for things that come to mind. If I'm sad make sad decorations, if I'm happy to do something fun. It's hard to explain where it comes from, but it always comes. I have many ideas. I'm still limited by lack of time, space and material, but the “tibia” is a daily struggle and I still hope to be able to do fantastic things.

Q: What is important for you in a house decoration? You have a lot of objects from the map. How long does it take to gather all of them?
A: What is the most important for me, is to cause people stop while passing my house and stay for a while just to analyse it a little bit. I want my decoration to shock them, amuse them or even put a smile on their face - any kind of emotion is welcome. Because I strive to represent the girl power in Tibia, I always make sure that all the rare items I've collected throughout many years of my gameplay are visible from outside and then I build around them. The truth is, it's the rare items that dictate what is going to happen next. I also attempt to use the same colors in certain areas of my house and make sure it looks girly. In order to enhance and saturate the colors, I use a lot of light sources hidden under the stacks. Another important aspect for me is originality. I want my house to look somewhat surreal. Thus I have collected a lot of objects from all over tha facc land, indeed, because there aren't many people with this amount of patience who'd do the same. I especialy love the leaves from Venore and I love using them to create jungles and gardens inside of my house. It takes a lot of time because certain items spawn only once a day, so each time I change server or my server gets merged, I have to be ready for two weeks of intense work of pushing the objects to my house.

Monzcarro Murcatto:
Q: You always give your decorations titles. Where do you get your ideas from? What is the part of decorating that is the most fun for you?
A: When I start decorating a room I always ask myself what kind of room it is and what mood or feeling I want it to have. I use the items that I work with to tell myself a story of what is happening in the room. Sometimes I make rooms that belong to a person in Tibia or some fictious character and sometimes I try to make snapshots from a storyline. I will rearrange the items until I feel they tell the story in the clearest possible way. When I title my work it is to give the viewer a hint of what is going on. I get ideas from everywhere, both Tibia and the real world. Sometimes an item or a combination of items reminds me of things I've read or seen. I always try my hardest to make rooms that I find beautiful or funny or exciting in some way. And I spend a lot of time combining items looking for the right colour or shape or texture. Especially with carpets the texture is important because you want a carpet to look basically flat so the items can't have very sharp outlines or hard shadows. I often spend more time on the floors in a room than the furniture or bigger items because I find the foundation to be very important.

Q: How much does it take to decorate a big Yalahar house in such a fancy way? What do you start with?
A: I’ve been the owner of Luminous Arc 1 in Yalahar for 3 years. This house is 159 square meters - it's so big! There are 4 rooms on the ground floor, 2 rooms on the second floor, and 2 rooms on third floor.  My favorite part of house is definitely the balcony. I still haven’t finished decorating the interior of my house.  My house for me is like the "project of my Tibian life," so I’m not in a rush to finish it. With each new update I collect new items and then I update a my decoration a little.  I think that every decorating should start by distinguishing two types of elements: Main subjects and complementary subjects. I am a collector, so I want valuable items to be in the center and the others to complement the decoration in color. It is also important to choose a decoration theme. I am a big fan of vegetation - all flowers, this is the main theme that I try to keep throughout the house. I think that every person who starts decorating their house should also become familiar with the work of other players. On Instagram, we can find a lot of inspiration and surprising solutions - for example how to hide a ladder in Venorean houses.

Dimentia on Solidera:
Q: It is rather rare for a man to have a good decoration taste. What makes you want to have a beautiful house?
A: From what I’ve seen, it’s much more common for woman to decorate than men. With that said, the few male decorators that I know of are very good at it.
Having a nice house has always been important to me. It’s a creative outlet  and a great way to collaborate with friends on an idea. It’s also a great conversation starter.. I’ve met so many amazing people because of a shared appreciate for decoration.

The given screenshots are just a little spark of their talent! Make sure to find them on Instagram and look through their entire galeries for a great deal of deco-inspiration!

Divine'Angel & Lady Mass

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