A Nostalgic Throwback

To celebrate the anniversary of Tibia, we decided to get a little bit nostalgic! There are numerous level 1000s, a lot of us are really good players now too, however, let’s go back to the moment when it was not like that! To the times when we did not know how to refill our HP, the times when we would press exit to escape from death; to the beginning of our Tibia adventures! So take a seat and enjoy the short noob stories of some of the Tibia players!

Hunter, Wild Warrior, and Valkyrie, weren’t we all scared of them back in the days?! There are some players to whom these monsters definitely caused a little trauma!

“I was exploring north Thais when I got to mainland & I saw the wild warrior & I though it was a player but then he start killing me & I was like “pls no kill me” but he didn’t stop & I was so confused cuz my friend had explained me that when you get attacked by other players they get a white skull & Wild Warrior didn’t get any skull so when I told him he checked on page & said “oh no, that’s not a player, that’s a creature” - Dyaniixz

"classic one, I thought "hunter" was a player and it would be for my life every time I encounter with him I was always afraid to go to Ab'dendriel or carlin due to him" -Brandon Wake

“My brother thought he was getting pk’d and he was screaming for me to help him. He’s like he said something but it disappeared! Help me! I ran there and turned out to be a wild warrior. After when I laughed and explained it’s a monster he felt so embarrassed hahah it was cute he was so young ” - Ely Blademaster

“I have some friends, that one time they were exploring North of Thais and a Wild Warrior showed up and started "saying": Gimme your money... And started hit one of them xd my friends start running trying to type "We don't have any money".” - Eve Hasulhoff

“I always died by Hunter and one day I died once again, I messaged my ex crying, and he said he will kill the guy for me (I didn’t know it was a monster), when I showed him where I got killed he started laughing at me and told me it was a monster. I was so surprised, I said it’s impossible cuz he looks just like a player!” -Dumon Von’terryer

"Once, in 2007 ish, I was walking to hunt Goblin with my friend. On our way we started to get attacked by a guy called, he was so strong paladin!! We got super mad because we died so easily to him. We called some friends to help us to kill that ass#@$, his name was Hunter and he was still there waiting for us! Then, after log time fighting, we killed him! Only then we realized it wasn't a person lol" -Paollah

Pressing “exit” to avoid getting killed is something that most of us are not proud to admit. However, now as we are aware that you cannot pause the game by quitting it, we can dare to speak about our childhood mistakes! 

One day I was wandering around the eastern part of Thais, slowly killing trolls, then I encountered a scorpion and got poisoned, needless to say, I did not have any life fluids on me! So I tried to run to the temple, but my HP was getting drastically low, I decided that there is only one thing I can do to save myself which was… PRESSING THE EXIT BUTTON! After logging on again, I was very pleased to see that my HP is full again! I was just wondering what happened to my backpack, now I know.

“When I first started playing tibia I knew that I could lose items if I died, but one day I accidentally misclicked someone when trying to use the stairs to get to Thais boat and people began to attack me, so I ran but I knew I would die so I tried to RESTART Tibia hoping that I wouldn't lose any items and it would take me back to when I logged on that day, Obviously I ended up going to temple and lost my items. All this made me quit tibia for 1 day LMAO!” - Deathly Chancla

Cannot relate to any of the previous stories? We have more in store for you!

"I remember my first days of Tibia I actually played an Elder Druid instead of a Royal Paladin. Originally I farmed quite a few days to buy my first Tempest Rod because I reached 33 and it was such a cool sprite! I was so excited and back then it really felt so good to earn something yourself that took days. I finally get a trade offer advertising to buy a tempest rod (30k) and shortly after the same player who sold me this Tempest Rod sends me an In-game message from him to check out his new house in Carlin. I looked up to him because he was such a higher level at the time and also he hooked me up with the Tempest Rod so I happily ran to check out the house. When i arrived I went inside his new house that was completely empty...a few minutes quietly go by and he closes the door on me. I tell him to please let me out and told me I need to drop the tempest rod on the floor or I'll be stuck there forever. I remember crying and begging not to lose the tempest rod and threw it on the floor. That was when I learned you can use Alana sio" to kick yourself out of any house you're invited into" - Fake Addled

“I have a friend that took a friend of his to tame the donkey mount... So, he gave her the bag of apple slices, and she started to drag the item from the backpack to the floor where the donkey was, instead of "using" the item on the donkey. So took them a while, 'cause, she did that like 10 times before he noticed what was happening xd Dropped the bag to the floor, and then dragged it back to the backpack” - Eve Hasulhoff

"When I started to play Tibia, the only cities that I knew were Rookgaard, Carlin and Folda. Once my friend told me that we should go to Ab'dendriel, there are elves and other monsters. I was really thrilled. I thought that Ab'dendriel is totally different server and I was saying bye to all my friends that I met in Carlin. After I realized that Ab is just another city I felt really dumb that I told them before that I'm gonna end playing Tibia in Carlin.." -Bijou Kidi


"My older brother taught me to play, and I always saw that they said "craw" so I asked him what it means, until now he tells me that it is no longer unknown to me since I have 3 children" - Jazmen
My first char was a MS and I went with a friend RP to Fibula. We didn't know how to return to this so we lived in Fibula forever xD After years we made new chars and laughed a lot xD - Dark Bombox

"I remember having a real problem with understanding Tibia graphics at my first attempts. It was in 2006 and we all know Tibia wasn't as beautiful back then as it is today. When I first installed Tibia and had my first walk through the Rookgard land, I asked my friend what to do. He told me to go and attack monsters. I was walking through the sidewalk and obviously I didn't know you were supposed to go down the cave. Suddenly, I noticed a big, red spot on the sidewalk and I tried to attack it. I told my friend I was attacking an octopus but nothing happens and he explained to me that it was a spot of blood..." Divine'Angel

"In 2004, empty potion flask looked different. I had just arrived in mainland and was uping lvls and exploring, there were no wikis whatsoever back in the days. I was a Thaian so I spent many hours hunting in the nearbies of Thais. Now, do guys you know the troll cave east of Thais? I used to hunt there a lot. One day I decided to go down on a cave I had never seen nd I faced a slime surrounded by poison fields everywhere. It was all dark and all I had to light my path was a used torch.This is where I decided to go down. 

And I ended up here. The flask was in that SQM that I showed with the arrow.  Now remember before you judge me, it was dark, the torch was in the end, and the flask still had the old sprite.. so I was thinking, "WHAT IS THIS RING, SHINING! GUARDED BY SLIMES! IN THE MIDDLE OF POISON FIELDS!" So I decided it was worth the battle. After almost getting slaughtered by the slimes I rushed to the "ring" even tho I knew I would die poisoned by the poison fields. But I thought: OK, I can put the ring in my finger and hopefully I won't drop it when I die. So I got the ring and almost broke the bones of my finger in the hard glass of the flask. I died, for an empty flask." - Elfo Fantasma

"I remember when I was a noob, back in the days, I farmed a lot of money in the undeads to the west of carlin, only to buy all my rods (as a druid) from the carlin npc, without knowing I could trade them with other people. At lvl 19 I bought the volcanic rod for 5k and that was all the money I had, the day after they added the update where they changed the volcanic rod for the necrotic rod and it was useless for the skeletons/ghouls and i was so mad bc I sold my old moonlight rod and I didnt have an actual rod to hunt my undeads ( I was so noob) then as a little kid I was so mad and quit the game for a week lol, thats why I started playing a knight" - Holistico


A player from Vunira, Miss Potato shared a story with us, saying that when she started playing, she thought that this button made your character run faster. This is a story I can relate to myself too! Moreover, I was also getting mad that it stopped working every time I targetted a monster and moved by arrows, so I was clicking it like crazy because it kept inactivating. I remember I showed this trick to my cousin who showed Tibia to me and he was surprised and started using it to run faster too, took us months to find out what it really was. 

"I was free acc until lvl 50, I was determined to uplvl by being free acc, so I "discovered" the deepling scout cave under Kazz, and I died like dozens of times... Cause those things hit really hard for lvl 30 +, When I set my acc premium for the first time... A Friend back then... Took me to Ankrahmun's dragon cave, and he tried to "block" some of them for me... He is a Paladín, but a dragon went straight to me and as I noob I was, couldn't manage to heal my self cause I had no hands back then... So I died." -Eve Hasulhoff

"I started playing when I was like 11, so my English was not that good. I didn't know what a capital letter was, thus I couldn't edit my first character's name, I didn't know what was wrong with it, I had to go with the name offered by CipSoft. Another story, I thought druids were sorcerers, so I created a druid, but I really wanted to be a sorcerer :( I have one more story! there was also a very jealous friend, back in 2007, he would tell me that I should train my skills, by breaking chairs with a sword." - Brandon Wake
"I remember when I was level 8 or so on one of my first sorcerers. I found a used energy ring in Thais depot and I picked it up. A little while later I decided I would go explore south of Thais, as my brother had suggested earlier. I met a Minotaur there and he was "killing me", so I put on the energy ring I found. My wand shot energy and I assumed the energy ring would give me more energy to shoot. After I died, I explained what happened to my brother and THEN he decided to explain all rings to me. 😂 I was slightly confused about creatures and my brother didn't want to explain things to me about them. He threw me out to sink or swim so many times." - Elee Bae
"One day I was drunk playing trying to kill wyverns with stone shower, I killed my sorcerer like 3 times in a row. From the outside looks like I was trying to rook her. But I was annoyed cuz I couldn't kill those wyverns and I wanted to kill them with stone shower runes... That was pretty noob" - Rocket Mapacha

"I remember saying "Hunter is pk" on world chat after getting killed by him...  A noobie mistake I also made was throwing an area rune cause on swap pvp someone body trapped me in a one sqm corridor and said "you gotta use this rune if you want to swap places" then getting redskulled for it" - Lekinho 

Have any of these happened to you too? Or perhaps you made other funny mistakes? Feel free to let us know in the comments!
Happy birthday, Tibia! <3

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  1. Hahah! I really enjoyed reading all the stories. That brings back memories!