10 things to do in Tibia!

Have you been constantly hunting lately? Are you tired of fighting battles over and over again? Are you tired of the routine? As it happens in life, as it happens in Tibia! 

We have prepared an article for you that may help you overcome your Tibia routine and help you get the best of the game!

First of all, Tibia is probably the most complex game we have ever played. You may play it in many different styles and it is very difficult to get bored. Don't believe us? Ask the people who tried to quit and are always coming back!

Here are 10 positions with Tibia activities which will make it possible for you to enjoy the game at its finest!

1. Kill nasty monsters

Pack your rear and get some experience by fighting with nasty monsters! Watch your character grow stronger with each level. Collect bestiary points and complete hunting tasks! It is fun to grow stronger with each level and also very motivating! Here's what the players have got to say!

"I want to level up to become stronger so that I can hunt cooler monsters and kill harder bosses easily" - Magiska Malin
"When I was a low level I dreamt to walk as fast as the other high levels. I knew that the only way to achieve it was leveling up, so that was my main motivation. I also wanted to be stronger and make much damage, which is very important when you're MS. I wanted my team to be proud of me" - Divine'Angel
"For me its mostly just to keep up with friends or spend time with friends, I don't really care to power game and make fast levels but I enjoy spending time with them while doing something" - Kimmiey 

2. Collect addons and mounts

Show off your outfit collection and walk proudly through the cities all around the map! Get the rarest mounts and be faster while hunting!

"I think that collecting mounts and outfits give you an opportunity to express yourself in the game!" - Magiska Malin, Antica
"Aside from getting achievement points, I collect outfits and mounts for my "girly nature". I like to mix colors of my outfits with mounts that I recently got, or just simply go back to the ones that I used in the past. It is a really interesting aspect of the game. You can wear outfits with fewer clothes when you go to warm cities such as Issavi or Darama deserts or wear more if you go to the ice islands. I think it's a really good RPG part of the game. You can be a noblewoman on a horse or you can be a seaweaver on a giant shrimp. With a huge amount of mounts and outfits collected, your imagination can play the best game scenario." - Bijou Kidi, Antica


3. Collect achievements

Some people may say that those are just points on the page but there is so much more to that! It turns out, that it is not about the points at all, but about the fun you have while getting them. Our friend Dyanixz explains it perfectly:

"It’s fun because to get some of them you have to explore, do access to certain places, finish the quests, so it kinda of gives you that adventurious vibe! Some of them may also be obtained by completing full outfits or getting mounts so it is two in one since getting those is my second favourite thing to do in Tibia! Some achievements take a long process but there are also some easy ones, for example you just have to click somewhere!" -Dyanixz

"When you feel like you’re tired of hunting or you would like to try something different. Try doing some achievements! It’s a sweet little number that looks nice on your character page and it can take you on adventures that you may not know of on Tibia. Some of them require time, others may require money. If you like something lowkey for a while, these are nice to do on the side. Most of them are easily obtained with no cost but you’ll have fun exploring and trying new things." - Ely Blademaster 

Besides, it is also about the competition! All the achievement hunters want to gather as many points as possible. What are you waiting for then?!

4. Train your skills

Make your character stronger by training its skills!

"Working on the magic level is fun for me as it is not really demanding, all you need is some money and you are good to go. And the outcome of having a high magic level is awesome! I love the idea of being level 200 with the possibility to sio like the players who are 600 levels higher than me. I am still very far from the magic level that would satisfy me, but I am slowly getting there. Training magic level is good for people who are lazy to hunt like me!" - Lady Mass

"I want to be the best and reach the top! I currently have 123 sword fighting on Damora. I also care a lot about damage. I actually think that the damage is the most important thing in the game! - Porkii

As you can see, training your skill can be a whole separate style of playing Tibia! Even though a big number of people train to make their characters stronger to improve their gaming performance.

"I want to be able to heal more, hit harder and be the best player I can be!" - Magiska Malin


5. Decorate your house

Feeling creative? Surprise people with your original ideas and beautiful color arrangements! It feels so good to train inside a beautifully decorated house and it feels even better when the people who pass it compliment it! Read what our Tibia decorators have got to say in this matter; Divine'Angel who handles the House Decoration Section on TibiaGoals.com and Suzy Kill who owns a fansite entirely devoted to decoration - TibiaHome.com!

"My goal has always been to cause the people who pass my house, stop. That is why I always wanted to make decorations that shock people. Decorations that no one has ever done before. I want people who are going nearby my house to stop and think "what on the earth is that!". I like using a lot of colors, animated and sparkling items and I love placing beautiful rares in the very center of it. I like my decorations to make sense. I usually build diagonally next to the wall and I like leaving empty middle which stands for the corridors That is how I achieve the effect I want - creative and interesting decoration which makes a good background for the display of my rare items." - Divine'Angel

"Decorating is an art! When you start practicing, you get really good at it and you start memorizing items more easily and organizing them too. It’s a great thing to do when you’re not in the mood to hunt. When you leave your home neat and tidy with a well-done decor it helps a lot to value your most precious items or even the simples ones. In addition to making something visually appealing to those who pass by your house, making  Tibia an even more beautiful, funny and entertainment game!You are free to use your imagination and creativity to create marvelous things!" - Suzy Kill

6. Talk with your friends

Sometimes we feel a little bit under the weather and all we want to do is to chill in our houses or depots. That is the perfect time to make new friends have some good lough with your besties!

"Chatting is an important part of the game for me for various reasons. I do joke sometimes, saying that Tibia is a communication app for me, as I'd often only enter to talk to my friends. The beauty of Tibia is the sandbox system. You are not forced to do anything, yet the game offers you a variety of things to do, and chatting is one of them! I always found it pretty cool that after a tiring day in the university or work, I could just sit in depo and relax and talk to my friends and even meet new people. Thanks to that, I was able to meet new cultures that I most likely wouldn't learn about on my own. The depo talks taught me Spanish and Portuguese, even though I cannot speak the latter yet, but I can read it almost completely. I am a person who likes to learn, so the possibility of combining learning with fun seems like a perfect option for me." - Lady Mass


7.  Kill someone!

Playing on a PVP server? Gather a small PK team and go kill someone! You're aiming for more? Join the war! This is what Michi, who handles a PVP section on TibiaGoals.com has got to say:

"For me, what is fun about pvp is that there are so many things to explore in and it is really hard to be good in all of them because it requieres a lot of practice. Pvp is running respawns and knowing the best tricks for it such as best defenvr equipment, best spots in the map, tanking PKs and escaping them. It is to have broad vision to comand or to understand the command of the leader so you can think ahead and make it more efficient the attack or defense of your team, one good mw can make the whole difference. These challenges and the pursuit of perfection makes it so much fun! It is strategical and I enjoy what all the efforts taste like when you are able to win over your enemies with the skills learnt over practice, but that’s not all because next time they will try harder so then the preparing and practicing begins again. " - Michii The Queen


8. Make some money!

Do some profit hunts and collect money to yourself some pretty things or training equipment! It is good to do some profit hunts from time to time or go for a boss check once you're done with your hunt! Do not just log out after you get your level!

"Nothing tastes better than some sense of progress. My most active time in Tibia while collecting money for the Ferumbras hat was when I had an entire daily schedule on what to do. First, I and my team would usually hunt to burn our stamina. Then we would go for another hunt which wouldn't give us a lot of experience but a lot of money, for example, the Juggernaut seal. After that, we used to go to do all the gold token bosses and then, maybe for some boss check. Nowadays, there are plenty of more options. We have Issavi, Oberon and so much more. Everything we need is some time and courage!" - Divine'Angel

9. Explore and solve mysteries

Doing quests with spoilers is never as fun as solving mysteries on your own! Explore the vast Tibia map and find amazing places. Solve Tibia mysteries that no one has discovered yet! I asked about it the expert in this matter, Gwiazda Ekranu. If you've ever explored the European test server, you must have met him!

"There are multiple reasons that had me interested in solving mysteries. One of them being that it's an excellent way to escape the daily routine and grindy nature of Tibia. Nowadays the gameplay feels completely oriented around efficient team hunting and any other activity feels like a waste. This has often led me to feeling burnt out and not wanting to play at all. Another reason is that I love discovering things that nobody else has stumbled upon. Being first to complete quests or achievements is a very exciting feeling, even though it's often very difficult to find something that nobody else has found. Tibia has a lot of brilliant stories and a lot of them are worth diving into. I encourage everyone to read about my favorite one - The Opticording Sphere mystery. Ultimately solving it was a community effort and it was a long and fun journey. If not you can probably try doing a quest on your own, without a guide, which is also entertaining" - Gwiazda Ekranu

10. Collect rares

Making money is fun but it's even funnier to spend it! Get some new rare items and show them off in your house

"Collecting rares is connected to my main interest in the game which is house decoration. I don't really collect all of them but in my collection, there are items that I like and that are the part of the decoration. I like collecting rares because it gives me great satisfaction to showcase the items I bought or won in the contests in my house" - Norelli

"I think all the decoration freaks strive for obtaining some unusual items! I love fansite items sprites and I have managed to get my favorites in the game already. It is an amazing feeling to want something for a long while and to finally get enough money to buy it. This is the sense of progress in the game I enjoy the most - making my little decoration goals come true" - Divine'Angel

And what is your favorite thing to do in Tibia? Let us know in the comments!


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