Divine Decorations #4: A story behind decoration (Part II) ft. Suzy Kill

Hello beautiful Tibians <3
I hope you are doing beyond amazing!

Today, we have a special guest! Ladies and gentlemen, Suzy Kill! Everyone who is into decoration knows exactly who she is because she is a real expert in this aspect of Tibia. What is more, we are honoured to announce that Suzy is working on her own fansite decoration related and I think she is the right person on the right place to do it. She has unlimited amount of material to post so it will take her a little while to put it all together. So, if you are a decoration freak just like us, stay tuned and wait! And, as soon as her fansite gets released, we will inform you!

We are still sticking to the topic 'A story behind decoration'. I asked Suzy to send me her favourite decoratons based on themes with description and this is what she sent me:

Suzy Kill: 
It is not a secret that I love horror decoration. Always when it is close to Halloween, I start to think about dark and scary decorations to do in my house. It was with the arrival of new items; such as different types of bones and horns and an item called "Cave Devourer" that I was able to reach this level of diabolical decorations. After a while it became a trend and I was very happy to see how it pleased people.

Having mastered her terror decorations, Suzy decided that it would be great to mix the terror style with a little bit of color and she started creating colorful versions of this theme. Oh, just look at them! Aren't they amazing?

I've noticed that Suzy likes to decorate in the diagonal way. I have to admit that I am also a fan of such decoration style. That is because Tibia's 2D perspective enables us to play with the colors, shadows and levels of the stacked items. This is also how we can cover the floor and make the decoration look full. If you take a closer look into her blue and brown decoration, you can not really say where  the borders of the square metters are. The decoration has a smooth transition of the shades of blue and creates impression of a separate part of a room. 

Suzy Kill:
I love creating small scenarios around my rare items, as you can see. For it, I always use cheap items to exalt expensive ones and I also really like to separate everything in order of color. Some people already told me: "You can make the items that nobody wants or think that is useful SHINE! “. It is great and I will always keep creating more things like that, the decorations that represent something to me are always beloved, they make the place fun and are marked in people's memories.

Suzy Kill:
It is a pleasure to show people that they do not need to be rich and have fancy or expensive items to do unique and beautiful decorations, they just need to use whatever they have in their depot and use their imagination to create something that makes sense.

It is important to mention that Suzy uses the light sources to enhance colors of her decorations. Sometimes particular ideas don't make good impression without Tibia's light effects but once you turn them on, it will provide a great vibe which is very imoportant to the final effect of the piece. For example, take a look at the rainbow decoration in the second screenshot. I am sure that Suzy used blue, green, orange and purple light sources under stacks in the right areas. Sick, right?

Suzy Kill:
I made this decorations exclusively for Tibia Magazine <3
I do appreciate the opportunity to show the thing that I like, enjoy and know how to do the most in Tibia: decorate!

Thank you so much, Suzy to share your decorations with us! I am sure we will work together many more times, either here, or on your own fansite!

As you can see, Suzy is a true expert and I can not imagine her not creating her own fansite Decoration related. Once it happens, we will be able to see so much more of her talent and get surprised, amused and entertained not once and not twice!

Have a great week!
Yours Divine

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