Divine Decorations #3: A story behind decoration (Part I)

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In todays #DivineDecorations article I will take you into the world of stories created throughout house decoration. I have a lot of material in this topic, thus I decided to divide it into parts.

Sometimes we want to let the imaginatiin lead us into beautiful, interesting fantasy worlds. Some people do it via painting, others by sculpting, some of them make music and Tibians... well, we decorate houses!

A story behind decoration (Part I)

~ Crying mother nature ~
The decoration I've made presents crying mother nature. I like being up to date if it comes to situation on our planet. It always saddens me to know what we, humans, have caused. Animals are dying every day and nowadays we hear about burning forrests more often that ever. In the second picture we can see destroyed part of earth with dead animals and a lot of trash.

Having begun with the nature, I am so happy to have the opportunity to feature my dear friend Magnificent Amanda who is very passionate about nature and gardening. Have a read!

Magnificent Amanda
~ For the love of flowers ~
When I began to play I did'nt have any experience from gaming world so I was pretty exited when I started to explore the Tibia world! I ran through a lot of the map, even though I was told I could just download them but back then I was thinking at it as cheating. During my adventures I found lots of treasures. For me, treasure was everything new on the ground despite the fact that the most of it was just garbage. I still have some of it in my depot due to sentiment and some of it, e.g. moon flowers, orange stars, star herbs and leaves I still use in my decoration. I found leaves only at Venore, so big thank you for lovely Divine and her youtube video. I was so very happy when my desperate search "tibia leaves" from google made the result.I found out it was possible to have them as well when I had a house in Cormaya. Also, when I got my first house I started to scroll through the market to find pretty things for my home. I played in a not very crowded non pvp server, so there were not many nice items in market to buy. While doing that, I saw a lot of things I really wanted including flower pots which were so cute! And then, when I figured out how those can be grow, I fell even more in love with this game! This is how my story with the flowery decoration began.
In real life, gardening has been my and my mothers very dear hobby together ever since I was a child. Every spring we would work with our new projects. It's such a joy to create beatiful things and that's where my flower love comes from. I'm similiar if it comes to doing decoration in Tibia or to a new project in my garden: I want to place everything in as many times it takes until I am fully happy with what I see. After all, my style in nutshell would be that I like to create things with nature kind of vibe - the more flowers the better! I mix them with items I find pretty and shiny. Especially shiny!

* * *

I met Mirius Anyr on Vunira some time ago. When he invited me into his guild house I knew that he would end up in one of my articles some day. This day is today!

~ Library ~
Located south of Thais, Snake Tower rises high, being the second biggest house in tibia and one of three Guildhalls ever to be mentioned in a tibian book. I love almost every aspect of this game but if I had to choose, the one I love the most is RPG, (although PvP is the one that gives me the most fun). Since I love the mysteries of Tibia so much, me and one of my best friends decided to found a guildhall that would serve as our base of operations for mystery investigation, so we made Snake Tower into a museum with an absolutely complete library inside it. My friend retired not long after we started with this quest, but I kept going, holding over 900 unique books, including all 5 of the deleted books and a big part of the books that had typos, before they were fixed. This house was to me not only a place where to relax, but also a temple for curiosity and the work of many months putting it together. I hope it inspires people to do the same, I certainly don't regret it and would do it again.

I think this is the most RPG house decoration I have seen and Mirius is a very humble person! It gives me a lot of old tibia vibes due to its mystery.
First of all, this decoration is created far from the eyes of Tibians. Clearly, Mirius has done it all for himself and we can see his true passion to books and the library theme. Secondly, in contrast to many other decorations, his library isn't meant to attracts the eyes with unusual stacks and colors. it is a simple real life a like decoration with a hidden story behind it. The most important and incredible part of the story is the fact that, as he mentioned, he has got 900 unique books, including all 5 of the deleted books and each of those has been put into the bookcases. Mindblown!

I had the pleasure of visiting Mirius house some time ago when his bookcases looked a bit different and I found his stack idea very insteresting. Have a look. Isn't it great?

The other parts of his Guild House are equally detailed:

I am so glad to have the opportunity to share my passion to House Decoration with all the amazing people from Tibian community. Thank you everyone who helps me with the content! I will surely come back with a Part II of the story behind decoration topic!


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  1. I didn't know you can do so much stuff with tibia deco. Great article and I will be back for sure!