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20th May is claimed to be… The streamers’ day! To celebrate that and also honor the Tibia streamers for devoting their time to entertain us and, in a way, promote Tibia, we decided to dedicate an article to them.

Streaming became more popular lately. While back in the days barely any Tibia players were eager to transmit their gameplay, nowadays there are more and more Tibians that want to share their gaming experience with others. As a result, there are also way more people who watch the transmissions. The streamers widget, which allows the players to see how many people stream or watch Tibia on Youtube or Twitch at the moment, surely has had an impact on the flourishment of the streaming community among Tibia players. 

We asked Addled, one of the Tibia Streaming veterans, which is his best memory from his entire streaming career.
Addled: One of my most fun memories was when I just transferred to a server on my main paladin and soloed the Orshabaal from the dominando team and got hunted and trapped for 8 hours of them trying to kill me in Edron. They even really stopped and let me keep the items after they realized I was a streamer on Twitch, and then the leader at the time invited me to be the RP on their 4 man hunt, back when catacombs was the meta for the best experience in the game. That’s how I met Lycan and became friends with a lot of the Brazilians at the time.

There are many streaming platforms; however, the four main ones are undebatably Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook. It is hard to choose the best of the four, as everyone has different preferences, therefore, we created a survey, which allowed the viewers to choose the platform they like to use to watch streams the most. Basing on the results it is safe to say that Twitch took over the Tibia streams! 


We also asked SayuriNowan to help us determine which streaming platform is the most streamer friendly, her response was the following:
SayuriNowan: Uhm, I have never tried Mixer, just Twitch, FaceBook and YouTube. In Facebook and YouTube viewers typically have their real name as their username, so those viewers who might be more private will either not watch streams on those platforms, or not chat. So the streamers looking to interact with their audience have a better experience on Twitch, because it’s been around longer, also offers a lot more tools which can be integrated easily to your stream.

Another very important aspect concerning this topic is the content. Tibia is a game which bases on the sandbox model, which means it does not dictate you what you need to be doing. Therefore, there are people dedicated to war, to achievements, to leveling, questing, solving mysteries, decorating… the possibilities are endless! This enables the streamers to choose from a variety of options. Sometimes the players do all of that and enjoy everything that Tibia offers, not focusing on anything in particular, yet still love to stream it and have fun. Thus, when asked what she bases her content on, Saymoni replied:
Saymoni: Definitely what I'm looking for is to have fun, and doing that while I meet more people and talk with them as if we were always friends makes it even better. For me, the most important thing is to be attentive to the chat and talk to whoever takes the time to accompany me.

People start streaming for different reasons. So once you have a platform of your choice and decided what content you want to focus on, you are good to go! But what is the thing that triggers the players to start streaming exactly? We asked Nattank to tell us how it was in his case.
Nattank: I started streaming just to show the wars to my friends, and then one day a friend said to me: Natan, why won’t you start treating lives seriously, you are a guy who plays well and is funny. So I stopped to think about it and decided to start making lives every day.

As it was previously mentioned, the chat plays an important role in the streaming. It makes the transmissions more lively and creates a nice bond between the streamer and his/hers audience. We asked ImLizy whether she has a streamer that she really likes, who inspires her and her lives.
ImLizy: Yes I have one person who inspires me, it’s Buozzi, I like him for his joy, his contentment, he inspires me a lot. Watching him helps me a lot, for example when I’m feeling down and don’t really feel like streaming, I open his stream or stream of Luuauler (this one does not play Tibia though), they are very joyful and they pass this positive energy to me, their cheerfulness is contagious

Reading all the answers, we can come to the conclusion that streaming actually does make playing more interesting. We asked EllCyrax to tell us his opinion on the matter.
EllCyrax: It is more comfortable to play without stream because my role in the game is to create attacks and then the enemies sometimes find out what I am doing so I have to tell someone else to do it. But when it comes to fun, I think it’s more fun with stream because I always have a company and someone with who I can share what happens in the game.

So, as we are slowly approaching the end of the article, we asked Skiernievic to tell us what is the thing she enjoys the most when it comes to streaming. Her answer strengthened our belief that streaming brings a fair dose of positivity in the gameplay and also that Tibia does not limit its players in any way when it comes to the content!
Skiernievic: What I like most about streaming, hmmm... I think I like to interact with the people who see me, I like to play with followers and have good laughs with them. I don't really do anything special during my lives, but I think everyone has their own way of playing or having fun.

But it is surely not all sunshine and roses. There are numerous difficulties that the streamers need to cope with. We asked GutekRox to tell us what is the most problematic part of streaming for him.
GutekRox: Dealing with the hate is usually the most difficult part in my opinion, although in most situations I’m in control, people can get far with the game and with the stream, reporting you multiple times and criticizing every little mistake, you can be the best player in the world, you do one mistake, it’s all gonna go down to insults and more...

Last but not least, we wanted to focus on the important aspect of why do we watch streams at all? We asked Ysseneg to elaborate on this topic for us.
Ysseneg: I like to chat, while I am doing my things I always put streams in the background for the music or for the stories they have to tell, they entertain me. It varies though, because there are also people who come to the streams for example for advice, and others just to hang out and talk about anything.

Make sure to check out the streamers that we mentioned in the article and all the Tibia streamers on Twitch, YT and FB! We wanted to thank you guys for sharing your knowledge, experiences, and for cheering us up, especially during the pandemic when we are all bored on quarantine! Stay safe <3 

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  1. Nice article, would be a good idea to also post the streamer links.

    1. Thanks! their twitch channels are linked to their names in bold ;D if you click them it will direct you to their streams ;3

  2. Nice article. was expecting to read something from bubba, but thats just because im a fan of his. it was nice to read opinions from some others

    1. Aww, while picking the ppl for the articles I ask ppl on IG to tell me their favorites and then choose the ones that got the most "votes", not everyone wants to voice their opinion thoo, so you know how it isss. Definitely should have mentioned him too thoughh. Thankiu :3

    2. Now that i read my comment, what i meant was to "read something about bubba". specially because a lot of people has been inspired and influenced by his streams. and not only streamers, but the whole community. anyways...