We met in Tibia and we... FELL IN LOVE!

Happy Valentines day!
Make yourself comfortable and read about four 
real life love stories which started in Tibia!

Shizurie & Xafler 

TibiaMagazine: How did you guys first meet in Tibia? Tell us your love story!
Shizurie: I had a teamhunt in Edron’s Hero Cave. Our Druid logged off, so we had to search for a new one. We saw an ED passing us by, so my team member messaged him and asked to join teamhunt. Druid agreed and we started exping together. What captivated me, is that he cared about me and healed me more than EK (I was a Paladin). Then we started to talk on Teamspeak and eventually fell in love. Right now we are almost 4 years together and we are living together with our cat. Now we have new characters in Tibia - this time I play as an EK, he is ED again

TibiaMagazine: Have you ever argued about anything Tibia related?
Shizurie:  Yes! Our first Tibia related argument was during PoI Quest. We both did it for a first time and we struggled to complete the maze part. I managed to finish it somehow and he was mad that I didn’t help him.
Few times we died defending each other and, as everyone knows, death in Tibia always brings emotions. I remember, that we once hunted Frost Dragons on Okolnir and I accidentally fell into hole. He went down to help and heal me. I roped myself up, but he ran out of mana and died.

Dyaniixz & Boartxz
TibiaMagazine: How did you guys first meet in Tibia? Tell us your love story!
Dyaniixz: We met while being on war, he was the leader of the team & we were losing war, it was about 10 people left on team so we start talking more & more every time, knowing each other a bit more, doing things together in game, until we fall in love.
Right after he asked me to be his girlfriend we began to plan about meeting in real life & a month later he came to visit me, we had a great time & connected so well that in a matter of days we decided to move in together, this month we turn 1 year being bf/gf & on April will be 1 year of living together.

TibiaMagazine: Do you still play together?
Dyaniixz: We do still play, now that we live together irl we bought 2 new computers & we play when we have the time or after work. It’s fun & lovely (& sometimes annoying lol) having him by my side while we are hunting or doing something else in game.
But there is nothing better than to lay down with your beloved one after playing the game that brought us together.
Tibia it’s a game where you can meet people from all around the world & im lucky I had met my love from my own country, but also we have made a lot of friends who has shown us loyalty & some of them we have met in real life too. Valentine’s Day is only one of many days to celebrate we have people who care about us & we do care about them.

Vengeful Priest & Biaah The Hell

TibiaMagazine: How did you guys first meet in Tibia? Tell us your love story!

Vengeful Priest: We had a mutual friend. Once, I was on TeamSpeak with my friend’s party and their ED died during the hunt. Well, I was ED, so, I went to save them, AND WE BOTH DIED HAHA! After that, she started inviting me for hunts, since she was an EK, and fell in love dying with me! That’s how we met.

TibiaMagazine: Do you think that gaming together can be beneficial for relationship? And if so then how?
Vengeful Priest: Well, we live 250 miles away, so the games can keep us close, always talking and playing. So, I believe gaming together is essential to keep our relationchip, after all, we are both nerds, thanks god!

Ely Blademaster & Alex Flane

Unfortunately, not all love stories have their happy ends. 
Ely and Ed met in Tibia years ago and got married despite all the distance between them. Their love was great and it touched every single one of us when we found out that, not long after they got married, Ed passed away.

TibiaMagazine: How did you guys first meet in Tibia? How long have you been in a long distance relationship before you got married? How meeting Ed has changed your life? Tell us your love story!
Ely Blademaster: We met years ago in Shivera (which is now merged into Talera) through mutual people. One day I wanted to try some Venezuelan food and he was the only one online who replied to me with how to make sweet arepas. Which we said was basically the start to our friendship. We did stop talking for awhile but then when I needed a friend he was there for me. I could always be honest and straight forward with him and he’d do the same for me, which is where I grew to respect him so much more. We fell in love. It was hard being the first long distance relationship that he and I were ever in without meeting each other in person (we eventually did meet in person over the years). And yeah, long distance is hard, it’s definitely no walk in the park. But if you are committed and in love and most importantly both on the same page and both willing to put effort in and make it work, then it will. Every couple fights and has arguments it would be boring after awhile if there wasn’t any haha, we had our ups and downs but it was all worth it. Edd changed my life completely, I used to be a pushover. Till today I always try to see the best in people and that won’t change but I won’t let people walk over me, I will stand up and defend myself if someone is trying to put me down. We got married in Tibia a lot to keep the dates on our rings and actually got married irl in Dec 2017 which was one of the happiest days of our lives! Edd was my rock through all the hard times, the loved ones I’ve lost he was there for me. When he passed that was my lowest of lows, I lost my everything. I am healing now and one thing for sure is that I will always love him forever. He is with me in my heart and I personally believe that I will see him again one day. Until then I will continue to love and grow and share amazing stories about him with everyone. Even if I love someone new and have a new journey with someone else. Edd is always going to be a part of me, he is my forever Valentine. #AlexFlane

In honor of Alex Flane

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