TOP 5 Xena's birth

Here's the top 5 of the Xena's birth contest without any particular order, now this entries are going to the fansites forum to pick the winners.

1) Character: Vand Brilhoso
Server: Quintera

Poem: A Moonlight Birth

in the deep, nightly jungle,
where the rain does not reach the ground,
a shy little roar is heard,
all the forest turned to the sound

it was a pretty blessing
given by the starry night
her baby paws were stretching
as she was kissed by the moonlight

all the animals came to see
their new protectress arise

elephants, tigers, apes
red and blue butterflies

and with such an enchanting birth
Tibiamagazine can't forget
to love little Xena forever
and choose her as their pet

2) Rossier

Enchanted Beast

Four wizards wandered through Tiquanda and then,
they heard bizzare sounds from a small hidden den
The first thing they saw was a pair of blue paws,
wiggling so sweetly, the trip had to pause.

Then, for a second, the beast disapeared
and it flashed at them eyes that they've never seen
The baby was lonely, and it'd be forever,
So they picked it up and heard the sweeteast 'roar' ever

Unluckily, the news speard around Tibia so quick,
that all greedy poeachers tried to hunt for it.
To take care of the panther has become a routine
for the mighty wizards of the Tibiamagazine

They enchanted the baby and made it invisible,
for its greatest safety was their first principle
They always made the blue little miracle pleased
and reward the worthy ones only with this little beast!

3Character: Arthor Cyrak
World: Peloria

The song of longing

Where have you been?
The leaves and the trees covered you gently.
Among the pages of the TibiaMagazine, 
you sneaked around silently.

What did you do?
The stories the pages have told me about the blue paws which through
just to hold me

Why did you leave?
Your roars and growls have been silenced by the sound of hope, I grieved
to see you again, my highness

When will you come?
It's midnight soon, i'll be waiting quietly
For today is the day you were born
I will see you finally. 

4) Namjumniem

The Moonborn

The silence of darkness has never been this loud,
the buzzes, the roars, the other strange sounds
the mystery unsolved has been born in the wild
in the hollow the moonlight has found.

The rain and the clouds, the storm and the wind,
The lighting so fierce it cut moon in the half,
The pollen of moon has fallen on trees,
and its magic has been realeased.

One tree sparkled blindly with a magical flame,
Four tiny paws were just on the way.
Two yellow eyes which started to glow
and the blue little panther has come.

Majestic, she was, like a true little queen,
Great power of jungle, the blue in the green
Not many believed, not many have seen
the legend of TibiaMagazine.

5) Lady Mass 

Moon of My Life

I remember the day of my birth very good
My mom kept roaring,
She was heard in entire neighborhood,
My dad left, he thought it was boring.

When she finally got through the pain,
She looked at her paw-there was a blood stain.
As we are midnight panthers, her blood was blue
It's up to you if you wanna speculate whether it's true.

My dad came back as he heard the sound,
"OH MY GOD" he yelled, "LOOK AT YOUR WOUND".
"It's nothing" she said, "I'll be fine"
"take care of the baby, all it does is whine"

My dad made sure I'm clean,
Then he gave me to the TibiaMagazine.
Since that day till now I am their puppy
I am spoiled little panther, yuppie

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