7 Kinds of War Players

Exiva Masters

You may find these on any boat exiva'ing their enemies. As long as they are online, the enemies know they are being chased and may get attacked any time soon. Exiva Masters usually have leader ranks thanks to their very engagement into the war and activity. They aren't interested in hunting - they exiva their enemies so that their team mates can hunt and enjoy the server. However, as soon as they find a target out of PZ, they expect everyone to leave the spawn right away and gather to kill the enemy. And so shall they do.

Forum Fighters

These are usually low levels inside the game or not very active warriors but in order to appear useful, they spend most of their time on the forum, creating new propaganda threads, answering enemies or sometimes even answering themselves on different accounts. They may refresh one forum several times a minute not to miss any new answer. These are the ones you will usually hear saying "DOMINANDO!", "EASY KICKED", "FREEDOM" etc.. Please, mind that the caps lock is very relevant here.

Action Lovers

These are the cutest. They know they are only soldiers but they enjoy PVP the most. They will patiently wait for the poke and be on the channel immediately once it comes. They are super hyperactive either inside the game and on the channel. You will always hear them laughing or screaming the loudest once your team scores a frag. They are very motivated, joyful and take the game for what it is. No hate, no propaganda, simply ACTION!

Server Queens

These are female players that are either very little skilled or just as skilled as their team males but they will demand exceptional treating just because they are women in real-life. They will answer most of freedom threads with "good luck ❤" or "kicked 😘" although they have had very little impact on that or none at all. They may cause internal conflicts every now and then or switch sides depending on who's winning.


They will apear during the action once, maybe twice a week because they are very "hard working people", "commited students" or they're "having terrible headache" JUST exactly at the time the action is taking place. They will come to one action and try to speak as much as possible so that people notice they're there. They may even try to command some just for the sham. Once they're over it, they get back to their peaceful and safe inactivity. HOWEVER! Once someone tells them to start helping more, they'll come up with that one time OCTOBER 14th 2005 they came to an action, so leave them in peace!

Mind Gamers

These are the worst. They may be a bit active during the actions but the most of their effort is put into private messages. Mind Gamers do not bother with simple propaganda like e.g. Forum Fighters but they think twice what to say in order to lower your morals and demotivate you. They may seem very friendly but don't let them deceive you. All they want is to make you consider the point of fighting and if it is really good for you. You may hear from them lines such as "Bro, you are better than your team mates, you actualy have a brain... I mean you should just pay out and enjoy the server, it will be so much better for you" or "You don't look like someone who likes war... you would love the <insert a name of some neutral guild here>, they are cool RPG people, you'll love playing by their side!".

Clueless Shooters

They have recently joined the war because their friends are there. They've never done any pvp before and they have no clue what they're doing. You may see them accidentaly putting red mode on and skulling on everyone or sd'ing an enemy maker while their team is counting combo on a high level target. They usually shoot sds from behind and apart from that, they have no idea what to do. But hey, that is okay because nobody expects more than that from them!

Angry Insulter

Opposite to the Forum Fighters and the Mind Gamers, these are the very toxic ones. Unlike Forum Fighters, they do not speak to all the enemy in general but address one single person and harass them with very unpleasant and usually uncensored words. They will go into details of their enemy's private life and try to downgrade them as much as possible with any available sources. You have to remember that it isn't about the war anymore. These are people who have found themselves in war just to hate on others. They will hate you to the bone just because you fight on the other side. The only weapon against them is permanent ignore!

And you? What kind of war player are you?

Maybe you're a mix? Let us know!

By: Divine'Angel

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  1. Fun article,
    Regards NPVP RPG player :D

  2. You forgot to list pker. The pker is the ruthless, bloodthirsty cousin of the action-lover. Sometimes pkers find themselves fighting in wars as mercenaries.

  3. You forgot charlovers, that one guy who owns multiple bomb druids to paralyze, the account sharers, the ones that sell accounts on TeamSpeak, the twitch/stream noobs, to name a few

  4. I am a bit of a Clueless Shooter but also an Action Lover which is actualy so funny that it combines XD I may be a bit of a Server Queen sometimes ^^' Although I know a lot of boys who are Server Queens and Avoidants xD