A friend for Xena 2018

It was getting dark and Xena was already getting awake and ready to appear next to the river. Nothing's like some fresh water and prey in the evening - she thought to herself. These were the moments she felt the most hopeful. The moments when she wasn't invisible anymore and someone could have noticed her. All these years since she was born she has been a lonely panther. Hundreds would find her, that is truth, but none of them made friends with her. None of them she would feel the special bond with. They would use her as a mount, and loved it. She liked people but she felt she was missing something. A pet friend who would understand her.

She decided to change everything in 2018. The famous Tibian Newspaper, TibiaMagazine, has announced that Xena has been found sad and lonely. All of a sudden, a lot of people started getting interested with Xena and preparing special places for her to spend the new years eve at. What is more, they brought their pets with them so that Xena would make friends with them! The first one was Loreni. A beautiful warrior who mounted a Night Waccoon. Xena found them very kind and the place they've prepared very adorable. A night waccoon would make a good friend - Xena thought - it would love the nights as much as I do. However, it looked like a sweet pet who likes cosy and comfortable places. Would it enjoy adventurous hunts in the heart of Tiquanda?

Another adventurer she met was Bloth Kalas, a wild warrior with his two companions, who mounted a Terror Bird. The amount of food in this place impressed her a lot. What is more, terror birds were familiar to her because she has seen a lot of them in her homeland Tiquanda. They're very strong, determined and so beautiful. What Xena worried about was the amount of noise they're always making and that was very not welcome during the hunts...

Another brave Lady Xena has met on her way was Lady Mass. A sweet little Assassin whose sweetness shall not be taken for weakness! She mounted a fierce Razorcreep with big purple horns. Xena liked it. It looked as if he had fought many battles and would even be up for one right now. It looked slightly too energetic for Xena, though, who was confident but very thoughtful at the same time...

Sioyo was waiting for Xena in a bushy square next to the big tusk table filled with fruit. Xena absolutely adored it. She hardly noticed him though, because the first thing to notice was an astonishing blaze that blinded her. Xena felt very strong as a panther, until she saw Sioyo's mount, the Blazebringer. He looked much more massive than her and emitted big source of light. She felt she started blushing. Blazabringer surely intimidated her. And this light...

The last one willing to take care of Xena was Chellmi Bittersweet, a humble citizen girl who mounted Crimson Ray. Xena felt very excited because the place was half filled with water and looked incredible. She always wanted to learn how to swim and the Crimson Ray would certainly help her with that! All the fish in the river she could have never caught on her own now would be hers! Although, how long can Crimson Ray survive without permanent access to depths?

Who will Xena chose? Yours Divine'Angel

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