Xena's 2018 poem

I met in Tiquanda, all covered by snow, the old man Santa, who'd always know if you've been nice or if you've been naughty, so he refused to come to my New Year's party. 

 I asked the old bear, the panda in bush, The elephants who ran terrified in rush I'd love to have someone for meowing and roaring, so Tibians, please, find a friend for me! 

When the night gets dark and the moon gets bright, Where could we spend this special night? Party in snow? On the sand, on the grass? with lots of food and a dancefloor, perhaps. 

 A friend and a place for us two to play will be more than enough on this special day. I'd give everything for that one and only because midnight panthers, are rather lonely.

By: Divine'Angel

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