A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

 How are you? It's been a year since we last spoke. I hope you're doing great! I hope your beard has gotten a lot whiter and your red coat has got even thicker. I hope the North Pole is being good and warm to you, your raindeers are always friendly and obedient, and your elves are as hard working as always! 

 This year I am not requesting for presents, dear Santa. This year I have something very important for you to bring to me, to our entire Tibian community. I know that I should not abuse your power, but I believe you will understand how important it is, once I explain it to you.

 First of all, Santa, our community needs to recover. I have seen people sad and angry. The continued wars do not seem to ever stop. The hatred seems to be taking over the world. Rarely do I see a Tibian helping another Tibian, Santa. Whereas, I see a lot of arguments and fights on the streets of Thais. Nobody is helping anybody anymore with the precious lootbags of plate shields on their way to the good man Hardek. Nobody is having fun anymore. The cheerful chats in Depots have stopped and deadly silence has replaced them. People don't greet each other anymore. The rain never seems to wash the blood away from the streets until the new appears. I dream of coming back to these days when people were happier and less competitive, Santa. When it was more important to gain friends, not power. When it was meaningful to the people to wander through the lands together, side by side, instead of trying to be better than one another. This constant competition has made people forget the real values such as love, friendship, empathy and, most of all, peace. Could you please bring that back to us, Santa? Please, old man, that's my only wish this year. 

 I do not want to seem greedy but I have just one more wish... Could you please make it snow in Tiquanda this year? I would really love to play in the snow and it would be sooo funny to see the hydras shaking the snow out of their heads! Just this year!

 King regards, Xena

By: Divine'Angel

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