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Explora con Xena / Explore beside Xena

Sin ningún tipo de orden las imágenes son...
With no order the screenshots are...

Come here, Xena, follow me!
Let's together feel the glee!
I want to take you to a spot
where you can jump and play a lot.
There is a giant Christmas tree
which was built for you by me.
You can play the waterball,
and swim in a tiny waterfall.
Instruments to play are ready,
You may also hug a teddy.
There is a cosy bed to sleep,
Let your dreams be sweet and deep.
Fruits, meat, and some fish,
You can easily prepare a dish.
Just to finish this poem of mine,
Let me rhyme one more time.
Nature, magic and vibration,
made me choose this location.

I chose this place to invite Xena, to spend the winter time in one of the most enigmatic and magnificent places of tibia, it has also been specially decorated for her stay, where Xena can play, eat, and have fun throughout her stay.

Niiu Girl
Dear Xena, I invite you to spend these Christmas holidays in Thais. Why? Perhaps it is not the most mysterious city but it is the oldest of tibia, a city almost or more popular than Yalahar, as we know it is ruled by the King Tibianus III and not forgetting his adorable dog Noodles. It is home to all vocations with a perfect location, warm climate and beautiful scenery. Thanks to the influences of King Tibianus III santa donated many gifts, the inhabitants of Thais gave us a lot of food and protection in case of an orcs raid (they are unpredictable), everything for you to enjoy these holidays.

Neo Danger
I am in the town of Svargrond. It is a city that represents very well what symbolically we know as winter also has many stores to stock up during any time of the year.
Dear Xena as mentioned nobody knows where you are! I want to tell you that I have found a comfortable shelter to give you the best care during this winter. In addition Santa this Christmas gave me his support and he has left me some of his reindeer, to prepare a comfortable transport to be able to go to the city and the truth is that I can take you anywhere you want around the world! I just want to offer the best for you! I promise you that you will have an amazing and very entertaining stay! I have prepared some cupcakes and drinks for you.

Location: North West of Carlin. Reason: this place was offered by Lothar, a hermit, who retains a mammalian pet called Arkarra. Now, this area attracted my attention because it contains a house where there is plenty of tranquility, security, has all the amenities that Xena looks for, such as; A good sofa where you can rest, food for which you should not worry, lots of toys and the best is the presence of a Christmas environment.

In this case I have chosen the fountain of the Pits of Inferno for being a quiet and remote place perfect for Xena to spend the winter.

Kliuna Ai
She was heading home. Tired of hunting for what was left in the woods and hopeful to find warmth next to the chimney. This winter was the coldest ever. All of a sudden, the blizzard threw an old piece of paper right in front of her face. It was a paper cut out from a Magazine. It said that the rarest animal in whole Tibia, the midnight panther Xena, is looking for home for Christmas. Right. Tiquanda must have been covered by snow by now. The excitement gave her power to speed up her tempo. The snow was so dense she could not see anything and completely lost her way. From afar she noticed an old castle. Cold but lovely. It was so blue and royal. Perfect place for the Queen of Tiquanda - she thought. What is more, there was so much food Xena would just love. The Ice Castle was a perfect choice for her to welcome Xena to. She decided that she will find her and invite her to this mysterious place to make sure her Christmas is special.

Ely Blademaster
I chose Cormaya's Dryad Gardens! There's a plum bed so Xena doesn't lose her beautiful color, and it will be great for her to celebrate Christmas in a warm spring oasis place! She can detox and eat some of the leaf golems as a salad with a side of deer! Santa will understand that panthers surely need their protein and his reindeers are surely not going to be on the menu, so he won't need to worry. This would be her personal spa retreat in which she could call other panther friends to join her. It's hidden so there won't be any players who are going to go after them with leather whips or hypnotize them with music boxes! Merry Christmas Xena and TibiaMagazine you both deserve a vacation from hard work!

While reading your December magazine release I came across the announcement about the famous panther Xena looking for the place to spend her Christmas time at. I got very excited because I would be honoured to have her as my guest. Because I actually happen to know the perfect area, I decided that I will take care of everything for her.

I think that in these magical moments it is important to provide our loved ones whatever they need the most, which in Xena's case is fresh water, A LOT of prey and a big comfortable bed filled with fluffy pillows.

This is why I chose the mix of several places in one that will certainly make her happy; the bush to chill in, the desert to enjoy the hot sand and the river to have fun in.

I've also prepared some special presents for her but please, don't tell her! Let it be a surprise.

The adress is:
Mrs Divine'Angel
No. 96 Palm Alley
Liberty Bay, Meriana Town
Tibia Land

I am looking forward to meeting her.

Yours faithfully,

Alexa Black
I chose the temple of Ab'dendriel for Xena to spend a winter because it has a tropical climate, there you can hunt in the extensive field that offers us this city and even hide among the blue sparkles of the mysterious trees that are in this place.

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